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Broadcast Selector is a web based scheduling system created for TV and radio broadcasters. Great amount of automation functions, media management, video previews, metadata management, categorization, music video rotation goals, long term planning, playout integration and many more! We are web based, so you can plan your playlist wherever you are!

Why choose Broadcast selector

  • Web based solution

    No installation. Easy integration. Incredibly fast.

  • Complex autofill functions

    Just set rotation goals and restrictions and let selector do its work

  • Friendly user interface

    Drag and drop support, keyboard shortcuts, predefined templates

  • Unlimited users

    Roles management, customization, multilanguage support

We offer professional 24/7 support via phone and email for all our clients.

Programme planning

The programme is planned using blocks which are placed on specific date and time to calendar, where many custom properties can be defined. Blocks can be made of media files, notes, secondary playout events (such as logo switch), or automated fill in functions. Everything you need to do is just drag and drop items into the block. You can define various filters and set rotation goals. Media can have daytime validity settings so you don't have to think about station jingle rotation through whole playlist when using autofill plugins.

EXTRA Features

  • Direct block planning
  • Calendar mode planning
  • Templates support
  • Drag and drop support
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Block states, groups, coloring
  • EPG data management and export
  • Detailed block content planning
  • Autofill functions
  • Complex filtering functions
  • Select by name, category, interpret, metadata etc.
  • Gaps autofill by definition
  • Multiple rotation rules for music or other media
  • Secondary events planning, such as logo etc.
  • Live events, playout events such as matrix switch
  • Subblock planning, commercial blocks
  • Running orders loader for commercials
  • Playout integration, automated playlist exports
  • Storage to playout file delivery
  • As-run log automatic import and comparsion



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Media management

Media library is automaticaly synchronized with your file based storage. Broadcast selector provides low resolition media copies, which can be previewed directly in browser, where you can perform trimming and virtual cutting using original timecodes. You can manage digital media properties, cuepoint, validity settings, categorize media into multiple categories, add tags, rights, EPG data, other metadata, run logs and many other. We provide automatic format checking for playout, so you will always know that files in playlist are in correct resolution, framerate, field order, audio sample rate, codec etc.

EXTRA Features

  • Low resolution preview with original timecode
  • Media property editing
  • Validity settings
  • Tagging support
  • Volume adjustment
  • Multiple categories assignment
  • Music media management
  • BPM management, demand weight
  • Performers, albums and artists management
  • EPG data management
  • Digital rights management
  • Custom metadata
  • Thumbnail preview
  • Online trimming and virtual cuts
  • Valid playout format checking
  • Secondary events
  • Run logs, planned versus played
  • Bulk editing in treeview
  • Automatic synchronization with file storage



Do you know that Broadcast Selector speaks all languages?

Music selector
and media rotation

Broadcast selector has unique function, that automates rotation of media, when you are using autofill plugins. You can define complex rotation goals based on performer, album, category, artists, or just by simple clip ID. You just define, that you want to play media from category "Jingle" or "Station ID" and selector automaticaly filters these media files and selects the best clip according to rotation goals. Complex filtering allows you to be very precise when selecting the group of files, so your music TV or radio station will have great a sound according to you music editor needs. You can change rotation goals on the fly, when defining block, what makes us unique on the market.

EXTRA Features

  • Autofill duration or specific number of clips
  • Selection based on category, performer, songname
    folder, filename, metadata, tag, duration, age, BPM etc.
  • Complex filtering with AND / OR logical joins
  • Rotation goal definitions
  • Spread clips by performer, clip ID, clip name,
    category, artists, album, song name etc.
  • Rotation restrictions per time
  • Selecting goals on the fly
  • Demand / balance adjustment for clip, performer etc.
  • Online preview of generated playlist or block
  • Performers, artists, publishers, albums management
  • Turnover statistics
  • Played versus planned statistics



Broadcast Selector is playout independent solution with easy integration.

Playout integration

Broadcast selector is a playout INDEPENDENT solution, as an output is the playlist file, which is can be fully customized. Broadcast selector can directly update playlist on the fly using playout's API [ej pi: aj], so last-minute change can be done very easily. Plugin for unattended playout monitors and notifies you of any errors via e-mail, SMS or a phone call. It monitors files, format, start of scheduled programs, missing or incomplete files etc. As we are the distributor of the PlayBox Technology solutions, we recommend a Channel in a Box which is a turnkey playout solution for broadcasting a TV channel.

We offer professional 24/7 support via phone and email for all our clients.

Client Testimonials

  • I really recommend Broadcast selector to every TV interested in running a successful online workflow. It is easy to learn, everything is intuitive and has awesome user interface with great features which makes our work even more efficient.

    Marek Kindernay, CEO at O2 Sport
  • Broadcast selector is exactly what our business has been lacking. It is really easy and straightforward solution. I highly endorse it because it really saves our time and effort. Installation was very fast and was easily integrated into our workflow.

    Jan David, technical director at Golf Channel
  • We have a huge music library a Broadcast selector makes planning a lot easier. We use a lot of metadata directly on screen. And I can see the progress of work even outside the office on my tablet.

    Karel Peterka, CEO at Šlágr TV and Country No.1
  • Televizní kanál vysílá 24 hodin denně a díky selektoru můžeme skládat a plánovat vysílání v malém počtu lidí, kterému odpovídá i ekonomické nastavení regionálního vysílání.

    Pavel Hájek, CEO at iVysočina

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